Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Halloween Party continued.....

Welcome back to Queen Nefaria's halloween party! As you can see, Lady Isobel has all the arrangements made and we are waiting for the guests!

Ms. Gourd has the shrunken head stew brewing while she keeps company with Blaze the bat. "Not too many victims this year" she says, "they must be getting smarter!"
Queen Nefaria has arrived! She is quite enjoying her honey mead and the wonderfully dark decorations!
Soon the first guest appears! It is Ursula the voodoo bear, she sadly reports that even her magic has not been strong enough this year to share anything for the meal. Queen Nefaria is displeased and asks her to leave.
Ursula passes witch Kendra on her way out, she bearly even looks at her she is so upset.

Queen Nefaria and witch Kendra continue with their meal, whilst planning for next year. They have a few very good ideas, and we shall see what they do. But be sure, it will be nefarious....

Happy Halloween!! I hope you enjoyed our little story.
All the dolls are made by the artists at Keyhole Gallery and many of them are currently for sale at


  1. I am going there now!!!
    ta ta for now...lovely party;)

  2. As the original Nefairia (I created and re-christened myself with that name when I was 18 years old, so let's just say "more than ten years ago now" ; } and began spelling it with an extra "i" about three years later since the majority of people mispronounced it...and sadly, most still do!) I quite enjoyed this wee tale. The Queen Nefaria doll looks like me as well, so that was a nice bonus...although right now my dreadlocks are purple and black. I'm definitely going to check out your etsy page, and who knows, perhaps the Queen might become a part of my own collection. Love your work, hope you keep creating mini-masterpieces!! And...Happy Gothic Christmas, hehe! ~xoxox~



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